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Delta T Corrugator CD warp Control System uses & simple method for sensing and controlling the moisture of top and bottom linerboard to reduce CD warp.


Delta T Milk Powder MC Sensing & Control


Profitable Aguafeed Moisture Control: Published in Aquafeed International, Jan – Feb, 2013.


TAPPI  Peers Paper, Improve Lime mud Kiln Operations: By Accurately Sensing & Controlling Mud Moisture.  Mud moisture content (MC) is continuously sensed “inside-the-Kiln” using two temperature sensors and a control algorithm to improve carbonate control and reduce water-related ring formations.  Presented at Tappi Peers, Portland, OR, Nov. 2011.


Effective Biomass Moisture Control for Pellet and Torrefaction: Presented at the Timber Processing & Energy Expo Workshop, Portland Convention Center, Portland, OR, October 18, 2012


Poster Paper:  Improved Moisture Sensing & Control of Biomass used for Pellet & Torrefaction Production. Presented at  International Biomass Conference, Denver, CO, 2012.


Multi-Zone Kiln Control System: Uses drying rates and the fiber saturation point (FSP) to achieve true zone-control.  Presented at the Pre-Timber Processing & Energy Expo Workshop, Portland, OR, Oct 16, 2012.


New Algorithm Aids DDGS Moisture Control: Case study reporting results of installation of the Delta T MC Sensing & Control System on two ICM drying lines at Green Plains Renewable Energy. Published in Distillers Grains, a supplement to Ethanol Magazine, 2011.


How the Delta T Works on Suspension Dryers such as rotary, flash, ring, and spray.


Multi-Zone Kiln Control, Timber Processing, June 2008


Better Drying - Improved Moisture Control Increases Profitability

Pet food Industry April 2006


Pinpoint Moisture Control:  Food Engineering, Feb. 2006


Improve Moisture Control for Profit

The Process Engineer April 2005


Weakness of the Exhaust Temperature Moisture Control Method

In-house report that points out the problems involved in using the exhaust temperature as a substitute for moisture content in controlling such dryers as flash, spray, and rotary.


Control Scheme for On-line Delta T Moisture Control

Shows schematically how the Delta T works


Control Scheme for On-line Water Activity Control

Shows schematically how water activity is controlled using the Delta T Moisture Control System


Improved Moisture Content Control Saves Energy

Process Heating 2000, 4-page


Delta T Dryer/Moisture Control System Completes 10 Years

Panel World 1997


Drying Tech Focuses on Kiln Control

Timber Processing 1993


A Unique Drying Moisture Control System

Sensors 1992


Improve Dryer Control

Chemical Engineering Progress 1999



























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