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The two main problems with traditional moisture sensing & control have been solved by model-based technology that provides an exclusive, inline MC SoftSensor that can be installed inside the dryer, and a control algorithm that maintains the target MC by automatically re-calculating the proper setpoint following changes in evaporative load to the dryer. This soft-sensor is based on the first principles derived Delta T Dryer model that relates the product MC exiting a dryer to the temperature drop (∆T) of hot air after contacting a wet product and the evaporative load (S):

Trade Shows:
Fuel Ethanol Workshop 2013 St Louis, MO June 10 –13, Booth 1230 Process Expo 2013
Food Show McCormick Place Chicago, IL Nov 3—6, 2013 , Booth 5731 Update on Delta T Application for DDGS MC Control
FEW 2013 Biomass MC Control for Pellets & Torrefaction. Aqua-feed MC Control. Rel. Humidity SoftSensor. Corrugator CD Warp Control Lime Kiln control using MC control of mud inside the kiln. True Zone-control Lumber Kiln Control. Maintenance-free.
Does not drift. No re-calibration reqd. Simple to operate. Consists of two temperature sensors & software. Operates in high temperatures & harsh environments.

Thus, MC is precisely and accurately sensed using two temperature sensors and software.  In addition, the theoretically-based model provides a control algorithm that maintains the target MC with at least 30% less variation than that achieved using traditional MC sensing and control systems such as the non-theoretical Exhaust Temperature Control System that has no method for re-calculating the setpoint.  Hundreds of successful Delta T applications have consistently validated Delta T technology.


Technology Extension


Four additional SoftSensors have been derived from this technology and may be sensed and controlled using the same process variable (∆T) and control algorithm:


Water activity

Relative Humidity

Product surface temperature

Drying Rate





5% to 10% reduction in energy consumption

0.5% to 1% more water sold with product

Significant Production Increases

Eliminates over and under-dried product

   3—6  months payback





Delta T MC control has been applied to a variety of products such as food, petfood, corn gluten, dried distillers grains (DDGS), biomass, textiles, non-wovens, carpet, lumber, coaters, chemicals, etc., while being dried using rotary, flash, spray, belt, fluidized-bed, tenter, tumble, impingement, and batch dryers. Adaptation of the Delta T to dryer and product  is accomplished in 1 to 2 days.


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